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2017 Ken Hungerford Invitational Tournament Rules


  1. There is a 15-player limit to the size of the team roster.  Only players on the roster may play in tournament games.  There will only be 16 trophies awarded to the top two teams to finish (including coaches).
  2. All team rosters need to include the full names and date of birth.
  3. Any player who did not attain the age of 13 before May 1, 2015 is eligible to compete in the Tournament.
  4. The manager of each team MUST have a copy of each player’s birth certificate at every game.  A manager may ask the Umpire in Chief to check any player’s birth certificate.  If the birth certificate is not at the game, the player in question must be removed immediately.  If the manager cannot provide a birth certificate of the removed player before the tournament ends, all games the player in question played in shall be considered a forfeit.
  5. No roster changes are allowed after the first game has been played.
  6. If a team has a batboy, this person’s name must be listed on the roster as “batboy” in order to be covered for insurance purposes.  The batboy is not eligible to play in the tournament.



  1. Teams are allowed to have two adult coaches (at 1st & 3rd) on the playing field during their team’s at bat.  A maximum of four coaches (including the scorekeeper) will be allowed in the dugout area.  Aside from the coaches’ boxes, only one player may be on deck outside the dugout.  Coaches are to remain in the coaches’ boxes or behind the fence of the dugouts.
  2. Respect for the umpires will be shown at all times.
  3. Cal Ripken 50/70 rules applicable to this tournament.
  4. No big barrel bats.
  5. There is no required playing time.  Playing time will be at the discretion of the team's coaching staff.
  6. RE-ENTRY RULE: Only designated starters may re-enter the game.  A starter may re-enter the game and replace any other player (starter or substitute) who has played 6 defensive outs and has had one “at bat”, and they must then take that player's place in the batting order.
  7. EXTRA-HITTER RULE: A team may have 10 players in the batting order.  9 play positions in the field, and one is the “extra-hitter”.
    1. Extra-hitters can play the field.
    2. The extra-hitter may bat anywhere in the batting order.
    3. The extra-hitter feature may not be removed during the course of the game.  If the player needs to be removed from the game, his spot in the batting order is skipped with no penalty.
    4. Just because one team uses the EH does not mean the opposing team is required to use it.  The EH feature is OPTIONAL.
  8. There will be no “slash-bunting”.  The player will be called out if it happens.  (If the batter shows bunt, the batter is not allowed to swing at the pitch.)
  9. LEADING/STEALING: Major League Baseball rules will be used for leading and stealing.
  10. BALK: Each pitcher will receive a warning for their first balk (in each game).  The umpire will explain to the pitcher what he/she did to cause the balk.  After the warning, all balks will be called.
  11. No head-first sliding will be allowed except when diving back to a base that the player is currently starting from.  A runner who slides head first will be called out.
  12. SLIDE OR AVOID CONTACT: If a player does not slide and comes into contact with the defensive player, the runner will be declared “OUT”.
  13. APPEAL PLAY: If you think a player missed or did not tag up, here is the procedure for the appeal:
    1. After the play is over, the defense cannot call “time-out” before the appeal is made.  The ball is given to the pitcher and just prior to the 1st pitch to the next batter; the pitcher will step back off of the mound and throw the ball to the defensive player at the base where the appeal is being made.  The defensive team will notify the umpire of their appeal and the umpire will honor or deny the appeal.  The manager or coach may request an appeal from the other umpire, but the 1st umpire must give his permission to the other umpire to make a ruling.  The 1st umpire does not have to grant permission for an appeal.
  14. INTERNATIONAL MERCY RULE: Any team that is ahead by 10 runs or more after 4 innings (3 ½ if the home team is winning) will be declared the winner.
  15. A team must start with a minimum of 9 players, but can finish with less, taking outs in the vacant batting position(s).
  16. There will be no mercy rule in the championship game.
  17. Steel cleats are not allowed in the tournament.
  18. Home team will be decided by a coin flip during pool play (not playoffs).  Teams traveling from the farthest destination between opponents will call the flip of the coin.  The umpire, the Tournament Director, or person designated by a Tournament Director will do the coin flip.
  19. Coaches are encouraged to bring their own first-aid kits and ice packs.
  20. If there are problems with scheduling games, please contact Kyle Jeter at kyle@jeter.com or 860-692-8404 (cell) a minimum of 24 hours prior to game time.
  21. In case of inclement weather on scheduled game days, we will make every attempt to provide ample notice as to whether or not the games will be played or postponed so that you can notify your players accordingly.
  22. In the event of a tie for playoff position, the tiebreaker will be 1) head to head; 2) if the two teams did not play each other, total runs against will be used as the deciding factor; 3) coin flip if a tie still exists.
  23. DECISIONS: The Tournament Director will have the final decision on all issues.
  24. In order to complete the tournament on time, a “drop dead” date to complete the round robin phase of the tournament will be set if needed.
  25. The fact that a manager or coach cannot make a game is not an acceptable reason to reschedule a game.
  26. Game length: 6 innings.  Extra innings as needed.
  27. If a game must be called due to inclement weather, it will be considered complete if four innings have been played (3 ½ if the home team is ahead).  Games called before the 4th inning will be suspended and resumed at a later time determined by the Tournament Director from the point that it left off.  If a game is beyond the 4th inning (3 ½ if home team is ahead) and is in the middle of an inning when called for inclement weather, the score will revert to the last completed inning, and the game will be considered complete.  If a game is tied when it is suspended, it will be resumed at a date/time determined by the Tournament Director.  If the game cannot be resumed due to scheduling or other reasons, each team will be credited with ½ win for purposes of determining playoff seed.



  1. The pitching week for the Ken Hungerford Invitational Tournament is from Sunday to Saturday.
  2. One pitch constitutes an inning.
  3. We allow up to 6 innings in two consecutive games.
  4. No more than 6 innings can be pitched Saturday/Sunday back-to-back.
  5. A pitcher must be removed when said pitcher has reached 85 pitches.  Each manager will keep a pitch count.  After each inning, the pitch count will be verified.
  6. All rescheduled games will be considered as an additional assignment no matter what week they are rescheduled in.  No pitcher may pitch a total of more than 6 innings in any game, including both the initial and resumed portion of a suspended game.  Once a pitcher is removed from a game, in the event that the game is suspended, the pitcher may not return to pitch in the resumed game.
  7. If a team fails to adhere to the pitching rules, the game shall be forfeited.
  8. Pitching rules will not be waved at any time during the tournament.