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Why West Hartford Youth Baseball League?

There are two different youth baseball leagues in West Hartford. Our league, the West Hartford Youth Baseball League (WHYBL) was founded in 1949 while the West Hartford Little League (WHLL) was founded in 2003.

WHYBL is affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball which is the youth baseball division of Babe Ruth League Inc., and is based on the principles established by Hall of Fame player Cal Ripken.  WHLL is affiliated with Little League International in Williamsport, PA.

The information below is to help you learn more about WHYBL.  We think our league is the best option in town because of its affiliation with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth, our long successful history in West Hartford and our current philosophies, principles and approach to youth sports. We are very often asked about the differences between our league, WHLL and other local options. Many items below are unique to our league, and they are indicated in bold/italics.  Our Board members are happy to discuss the league with you or answer any questions you might have.  



  • WHYBL was founded in 1949...serving thousands of boys and girls for 68-plus years.

  • Our league prioritizes having fun and providing the best possible baseball experiences for our playersbut also has the format and coaching experience to provide top-notch instruction and baseball development for players ages 4-12.

  • Format: WHYBL is the only league in town that offers a full local division/league for both 46/60 and 50/70 (baseball diamond sizes) formats.  This means players are truly learning, growing and developing new skills during their entire experience through age 12.  For more information on formats, please see Age Group/Playing Divisions descritptions.
  • Our league’s player development philosophy is to “Train, Develop, Instruct and Succeed” - - proven over the years to generate and maintain interest in young players while providing a great foundation for future baseball development.  Many of our alumini go on to play high school and college.
    • In 2017 alone, 44 of the varsity baseball players at Hall, Conard and Northwest Catholic played in the WHYBL. This includes two-thirds of varsity players at Hall and Conard coming from our league, as well as four of the six captains.

    • Fifteen of the 18 players on West Hartford’s Post 96 Legion team (West Hartford’s 18U Legion team) were from WHYBL. The team won the 2017 Northern Division for the first time since 1973 before falling to Stamford in the State Championship Series.

    • Most recently, Chase Jeter signed a letter of intent to play baseball at Division I Dartmouth College.Chase played in our league and was a coach this past season for WHYBL

  • WHYBL distributes quality uniform jerseys and hats to our players they can keep. Other leagues in town make players return jerseys each year.Team names and hats in our Minor League division are replicas of real professional Minor League teams.

  • Cal Ripken/WHYBL age cutoffs are as of April 30th. The age cutoff in other leagues is August 31.  Examples: if your child is 9 and turns 10 on February 20th, he/she is considered 10 in most leagues for that year’s Spring and Summer seasons.  If your child is 9 and doesn’t turn 10 until August 25, he/she is still considered age 9 in WHYBL, but is considered age 10 in many other leagues for that year’s Spring and Summer seasons.

  • Best registration rates in town.  Significantly discounted pricing at our younger divisions:

    • Training League: $50

    • Instructional League: $75

    • Minor League: $125*

    • Major League: $175*

*Note: “Early Bird Special” rates

  • WHYBL is the only league in town that has a dedicated indoor baseball training center.This is used during the Winter for free baseball clinics, in addition to team practices, special events, camps and individual workouts on an as-needed basis.

  • WHYBL has formed strategic partnerships with area businesses to invest in our young players.

    • Perry Brothers Baseball -- offers professional training and clinics (beyond what is offered for free) to our members at a discounted rate, if desired.

    • WIP Fitness -- offers free youth exercise and agility programs for our Major League division players, promoting fitness and health in our young athletes.

    • Dick’s Sporting Goods and Two Guys Sports offer significant discounts on baseball equipment and apparel.

  • Games are held at popular West Hartford local parks (Eisenhower, Fern, Beachland and Wolcott Parks).  Wolcott Park has lights, allowing for night games for all ages.

    Our league holds mid-season All Star games for both Minor and Major Leagues, along with a 12 year-old skills competition…a player and fan favorite every year. 

  • All coaches must be Cal Ripken certified.As part of the Babe Ruth Coaching Education Program, this extensive certification course helps coaches provide the best possible experience for their players, prepare for the season and coach baseball the Ripken Way. This course was developed solely for coaches affiliated with Babe Ruth League and Cal Ripken Baseball and contains content provided by coaching experts at Cal Ripken Baseball not found anywhere else.

  • WHYBL offers something for everyone at every level for players between the ages of 4-12 throughout the year.  Look on our website for more information on Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter options.